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How To Create Android Live Wallpaper App Without Coding

Did you ever want to create your own live wallpaper and publish to Google Play? Then we are all the fuel sources which you can use and create your own live wallpaper Android app without any knowledge of programming or coding. We will introduce to all the automated software’s which will create the live wallpaper automatically and this is the easy way to create any sort of live wallpapers for Android mobiles, smartphones and Tablets.

Android Live Wallpaper Creator Softwares

Android Live Wallpaper Creating Softwares

Live Wallpaper creator

This is the most used software to create Android live wallpaper, the features list is awesome and it is user friendly, there are some simple steps from which you can create live wallpaper within minutes. The only disadvantage of this software is, it’s a paid software, you need to pay $50 to buy this software and start creating live wallpapers. This software is created by serious business group, which will assist you through creating your first mobile app, they have set top tutorial find YouTube videos which will help you in creating the live wallpapers. The most advantage feature of this live wallpaper is you can make money from your app by implementing advertisements, they have many videos and tutorial post which will help you to integrate mobile ad networks into your live wallpaper so that you can earn money when someone download Shiva live wallpaper from Google play and use of it. The latest version of the live wallpaper creator is 2.6, the 3.0 version was scheduled to release in 2015, but till now that person has not been released, but you can use version 2.6 to create awesome live wallpapers

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Custom Live Wallpaper creator

This is another live Wallpaper creator software which is developed by shake-se.com. With this software you can create visual reach mobile applications without knowing any technical coding. Custom Live Wallpaper creator offers many types of live wallpapers, such as shake to change, rotate live wallpaper, slideshow of photos, refresher, animated gif, matrix and video live wallpaper. This is the most downloaded Live Wallpaper creator software as this is free to download. The latest version of this software is 4.0 which is released on 22nd May 2016, the newly added feature is that you can create live wallpaper from your videos directly. The system requirement for this software are – 256 MB minimum Ram, 250 MB minimum disc space, screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels, operating system of Windows XP and later. This software is not supported for Mac devices and computers, so you cannot create live wallpapers for iPhone or iPad.

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Live Wallpaper Maker

This is the third software which we will be talking about, this Android live wallpaper maker software is developed by ap pmk.com website. This also has the similar features that were in the above 2, you can save and import the project which you have left in the middle of developing. This is also a paid software, so you will have to pay $49 to purchase lotus Live Wallpaper Maker. The latest version released is 1.3.1, this software not had many updates in the recent times and integrating ads to your live wallpaper app using this software is somewhat difficult.

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LWPCreator is another software which will create live wallpaper automatically from your input, you just have to specify the image are video, that’s all, your live wallpaper is ready within minutes. This is also a paid software and you can add advertising to your mobile live wallpaper app.

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Note that these software to create your own live wallpaper and publish them on Google Play, if you want to just set the custom live wallpaper then you can download “live wallpaper maker” from Google Play and set your favorite picture as your home screen live wallpaper.

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