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How To Select (Copy) Single Column in HTML Table Online

In this post we will explain you on how to select a single column in a HTML table from any website or blog online. There is no key shortcuts to select the single column in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Mac. There are some of the tricks to select single column in Microsoft Word documents or Microsoft Excel documents, but many people don’t know how to select single column from a table in a website, for example Wikipedia has table in many of the pages, you can select a single row which is easy but selecting a single column is somewhat tricky, read on to know more about how to select a single column in a table.

Single column selection in a table
Single column selection in a table

Select (Copy) Single Column in HTML Table

The operating system doesn’t matter to copy a single column, but the Internet browser which you are using will interface the selection. Below we have published the trick according to the browsers –

Mozilla Firefox

  • First make sure that you’re using Firefox browser
  • Then go to below given links and install the add-on
  • Actually there are two add-ons, one is called as tabletools2 and another is called Dufizilla table2clipboard, both
  • The add-ons help you to select single column

Google Chrome

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and make sure your Internet is working
  • Now go to this link and install the ColumnCopy chrome extension
  • After installing enable it from the settings
  • Now you can select single column from any HTML table by pressing alt key while selecting

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • We have no idea how to copy single column in Internet Explorer, you can search for more information in Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Also in the year 2015 many people have stopped using the Internet Explorer for its slow speed and limited features and I fear that the users will diminish further in the year 2016

Apple Safari

  • If you are a Apple user or iOS user you must be using Safari browser
  • There is only one option in Safari
  • Export the table or web page into PDF file
  • Open with preview and within preview, you can highlight or select one column at a time

If you are using other internet browsers like Opera, Android, UC Browser, SRWare Iron or PhantomJS, then you can search and find a way to copy single column from discussing it in the official forum of the web browsers.

These were some of the methods to select a single column in a online table, if you know any other easy methods then please share with everybody via comments, Thank you.

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